Top Reasons to Install Sparkling Water Tap for Home

The past few years have seen a spike in the popularity of sparkling water. Nowadays has seen a rise in the installation of sparkling water tap for homes.

The demand for sparkling water has, surprisingly, increased over the years, exceeding the expectations for companies involved in the industry.

The health benefits and the refreshing taste provided by sparkling water have encouraged many homeowners to install sparkling water tap for homes. The thought of getting sparkling water straight from the tap any time and all the time to drink or use for cooking has proved irresistible.

The numerous health benefits are probably the reason behind the popularity of having sparkling water tap installed in homes today. The top reasons to have sparkling water added to water taps in the home include:

  • Sparkling or carbonated water offers a healthier option to other carbonated drinks like soda. The absence of sugar makes sparkling water a refreshing drink minus the calories. The “fizz” in sparkling water has made many people believe that tooth enamel is compromised. That is not the case for the sugar content of other carbonated drinks is the culprit behind the breakdown of tooth enamel.
  • The digestive system gains a lot of benefits from drinking sparkling water. Drinking the recommended 8 glasses of sparkling water a day clears the throat and helps change unhealthy eating habits. The regular habit of drinking sparkling water has also helped people suffering from constipation. Other forms of digestive problems such as indigestion have been helped by drinking sparkling water regularly.
  • The bubbly drink makes people feel fuller, leading to healthy weight loss. Drinking sparkling water 30 minutes before any meal of the day is the best method to use when weight loss is the goal. Losing a few inches has been seen as the result of drinking sparkling water for a few months. Sparkling water helps to food linger in the digestive system, thereby making you feel satiated.
  • Soda seems to be the most popular beverage for people while eating. However, drinking soda in every meal is extremely harmful to the health of any individual. Phosphorous is one of the main ingredients found in soda. Bone density reduction is one of the harmful effects of drinking soda. Sparkling water, on the other hand, are sugar, calorie, and phosphorous-free while providing the refreshing “fizz” element of sodas. This makes sparkling water a healthier alternative compared to sugar and calorie-laden soda beverages.
  • Bone strength is gained by regularly drinking sparkling water. A study involving lab animals discovered an increase in their bone strength when made to regularly drink carbonated water.
  • Heart health is also gained by regularly drinking sparkling water. While further studies need to strengthen this claim, the few studies conducted have brought on promising results. The studies have seen good HDL cholesterol increase with the regular imbibing of sparkling water. Reduced inflammation was also seen as one of the promising results provided by the regular consumption of sparkling water.

Staying hydrated every day is the most inexpensive way of achieving good health. However, the bland taste of plain water is often the factor that discourages people from drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. The best solution is seen to be provided with sparkling water taps.