Classic Blue, the Pantone 2020 color. For a modern and reassuring home

after last year’s living coral – will be Pantone 19-4052 or Classic Blue , timeless, elegant and relaxing chromatic nuance. “A boundless blue, which recalls the vast and infinite evening sky, encourages us to look beyond the obvious to think more deeply and outside the box, broaden our horizons and foster the flow of communication”, as Leatrice Eiseman introduces him, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

It is precisely the experts of this institute to evaluate and analyze, year after year, across the globe the trends of the most diverse sectors – from the world of entertainment and cinema to that of art, fashion, design, including all new lifestyle, tourism, game, technological innovation and social media models – to select the most representative color of the period.

Pantone 2020 color, what features
The ” classic style ” color par excellence, timeless in the palette of the most popular colors, it can also be easily declined within our homes, bringing with it the reassuring and at the same time stimulating qualities of a sky at dusk . Blue, at the same time simple and sophisticated, in fact “highlights our desire for a stable base from which to start as we prepare to cross the threshold of a new era”. Gradient that invites reflection, helping us to refocus our thoughts and concentrate, Classic Blue can be spread on the walls of a room- all to obtain an immersive effect, only one to enhance the peculiarities of the furnishings and objects that stand out in front of you – or be declined here and there with a few targeted choices.

“Honest” color, capable of transmitting a sense of protection, it indiscriminately enters every room in the house , from the living room to the bedroom, from the study to the bathroom , the latter place where it has already been the protagonist for some time. Blue coatings and finishes can thus distinguish different furnishings, accessories and objects , as evidenced by the selection of images that we offer: upholstered furniture, bathroom and kitchen taps , sanitary fixtures , radiators , wallpapers , textile collections …

A chromatic symphony that surely it will never go out of fashion, on the contrary always bringing a touch of modernity to an interior designclassic style or emphasizing the contemporaneity of minimalist compositions .